“THE COMMITTED” was formed in 2005 by Neal Hargreaves and has been turning into the world’s No’1 “Commitments” Tribute Band ever since!

The Committed boast a 9 or 10 piece line up with brass section and up to three female vocalists, as anything less would simply take away from the original sound.

Lead singer Neal, not only looks like Andrew Strong back in the day, but sounds remarkably like him too! Neal is often mistaken for Andrew Strong at many of their gigs and especially throughout Ireland where the band are becoming more and more popular and perform at such lively and well known venues as “Bar SoHo” and “East Village”, Cork and “Quays” in Galway to name a few.

The Committed has also headlined the famous Guinness Cork Jazz Festival Headquarters at The Metropole in Cork City to a capacity audience.

No other Commitments Tribute has the same look, sound and feel of authenticity as THE COMMITTED.

For THE most AUTHENTIC Commitments Tribute Band to play at your event or venue, simply complete the contact section with some brief details and we will be happy to get back to you. If you would rather contact us through one of our agents, then please go to www.alivenetwork.com or www.scottjordan.co.uk who will be happy to assist you.

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Meet The Band Members

Neal (Deco) Hargreaves





Neal (Deco) Hargreaves formed The Committed in 2005 after purchasing a live music venue in Colchester in 2004. Following an email to his venue’s mailing list, (handy!), he had no trouble recruiting the full line up, and performed the first show to a sell out audience at The Twist (Colchester).

Neal lives in Suffolk and is passionate about spreading the sweet-soul-sound of The Committed as far and wide as possible.

Robyn Jepp

Robyn 2




Robyn is the longest serving member of The Committed, joining the band along with her Sister Laura back in the day.

Robyn has rarely missed a show over the years and hundreds of gigs, as she shares our passion for performing and only an extravagant cruise can tempt her to miss performing!

Since joining as a teenager, Robyn continues to impress with her vocals, confidence and passion for The Committed, and has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of songs and lyrics both old and new.

Natasha Kissane





Natasha (Tash) joined The Committed around 2014 and has become a valued part of the family, providing powerful solo and backing vocals and is a ray of sunshine.

She can always be relied on to bring that extra sparkle to any show with her infectious positivity and attitude combined with silky smooth vocals.

Tash lives in Bromley and has recently passed her driving test. Well done Tash!

Colin Sheppard (Bass)

Colin 1

Colin has been with The Committed for over ten years and provides oodles of “groove” which I and the rest of the band feed off at every show.

His superb Bass playing skills are only surpassed by his co-piloting skills with me on epic journeys to and from shows, including many a tour over to the Emerald Isle.

Colin lives in Framlingham, Suffolk although hails from the Midlands and has decades of experience touring and performing on many levels.

James Sear (Drums / MD)

James 2

James Sear joined The Committed in 2005 and is one of the original band members. He is also the band’s musical director and has a wealth of knowledge from many years performing not only with The Committed, but with world renowned brass bands and is a member of Redbridge Brass Band and still performs in competitions and attends the annual festival in Alderney each year.

James is based on the south coast yet distance is never an issue for this teacher and professional musician. James transposed the music for all the members of the band, staying faithful to the original Commitments sound ensuring we are as authentic as possible.

Neil Drinkwater / Michael Horner (Keys)

Band steps




Neil Drinkwater (2nd from top left) joined The Committed some years ago and we are very lucky to have such an esteemed player. Neil still plays with Chris Rea and many 80’s revival shows across the UK and abroad. It’s always great to hear his tales of gigging with the stars pre and post show and is a consummate professional.


Michael Horner is our keys dep (reserve player) and again, we are blessed to have such a live wire and talented personality in the band. He has recently graduated from The Guildhall School of Music and brings a technical wealth of knowledge to the mix.

Ian Salmon (Guitar)

Band steps




Ian Salmon (top right) has been a regular feature with The Committed for many years and has embarked on Ireland trips and tours a plenty!

His energetic and enthusiastic playing style is infectious and Ian enjoys nothing more than a blistering solo to show off his talents.

A very accomplished guitarist and a pleasure to perform alongside.

Caitlin Jeffery (Alto/Baritone Sax)

Band ensemble




Caitlin (Far left) is our very own Lisa Simpson with an amazing talent on Alto and Baritone Saxophone and has been performing with The Committed for many years, in the UK and abroad.

She has performed alongside some very accomplished trumpet players and always manages to add groove to her playing, which the audience cannot help but notice and feed off. A real asset to the band.

John Moakes / Harry Plant (Trumpet)

Band ensemble




John (4th from left) is an accomplished professional who we are pleased to have perform with us.

He has his own Jazz/Swing band and we will always try to get John on board if he’s available. He is one of the best trumpet players around and based in the Nottingham area, he is closer to most of our Warner Hotel gigs than the rest of the band.

Harry Plant debuted on a recent Ireland trip to the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival in Cork City and without doubt, is the best new starter The Committed have ever had! He is accurate, professional, has groove and knows how to have fun on stage.